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The tooling & technology department, which benefits from the state of the art equipment for the maintenance and care of tools, for the working of plastic components, as well as for assembly, contributes to the smoothness of the production process and guarantees that products can be supplied with a consistently high level of quality.

Metal Processing

To meet a wide range of design requirement of the products, modern and efficient manufacturing techniques have developed and installations purchased which exploit not only many years of experience in the field, but also the latest advancements in the latest advancements in manufacturing technology, particularly in the area of sheet metal working.
Modern welding installations for robust joining techniques, and advanced transfer of punch technology for large scale production of caster components, have been developed and installed by Sunny's engineering staff.

Plastic Manufacturing

The level of technology of the plastics installations, with high capacity and wide range of facilities, ensures that they fulfill the company's criteria for the manufacture of products: ones which must meet the customer's requirements regarding precision, functional performances, and aesthetics, both now and in the future. CNC-controlled plastic injection molding machines provide proof of the high performance.

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