sunny castors

Company Principles

Organizational Structure & Character

Sunny Castors Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978 as a family business. The partners strive to keep the character and structure of a family business alive. Management personnel are selected according to the qualifications necessary for the position and not because of family connection.


Sunny strives to earn continuous income to assure a successful future for the organization and its workplaces. The main goal of the organization is the development, production and sale of wheels and castors, the respective actuation systems and accessories, for various markets, sectors and fields of applications.
The goal is to offer and supply the highest quality products for the benefit of the customers, at competitive pricing, throughout the world.

Financial Aspects

The partners agree to leave the largest part of the organization income within the organization. This allows the organization to use these means for future growth.

Relationship to its Business Partners

Sunny strives to be an international organization, and intend to maintain constructive relationship with the business partners throughout the world. Sunny expect that the customers and vendors are striven of achieving a long term working relationship based on mutual benefit.
Sunny regards consistency of quality, services, competitiveness, as well as vendor loyalty as the basis of a working business relationship.

Fellow Employees and management

Highest regard for human rights and human dignity determines the management. The open and fair management style promotes teamwork, encourages employees to make initiative and assume responsibility. This displays the beliefs in the creativity and efficiency of the fellow employees, which is the basis of the organization overall success.
Sunny strives to delegate responsibility for task completion, to all employees for their personal development and for the benefit of Sunny as a company. Sunny's managers are given the responsibility to promote the advancement of employees and for the training of future managers. Sunny expects its managers to set goals, award achievement of goals and generally set an example for the company. In this regard, senior managers are expected to provide employees with all the information necessary for them to achieve the employee and company's goals.

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