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Company Profile

Sunny Castors has concentrated on the design and manufacture of castors & wheels since 1978 when the company started its operation. Over 30 years of experience has seen the product range develop from small furniture castors to medical & industrial castors. The company is proud of its technical expertise and has gained many accolades for quality & design. Sunny Castors was the first castor manufacturer to receive the SGS certification to ISO 9001/13485 in Taiwan. Assurance of unsurpassed quality and support systems are absolutes to advanced technology business. Sunny is committed to ISO standards, as are many of its manufacturing partners.

Sunny Castors is continuously developing its product range, employing new methods, processes and materials to meet the ever changing demands of industry. In Tawian, the Sunny name has stood for high quality materials, engineering integrity, rigorous product testing and outstanding product performance-key factors in maintaining its position as a leader in the caster manufacturing industry. The company markets its products throughout the world and enjoys a well deserved reputation for service & quality. Sunny Castors will be pleased to offer its experience in castor or wheel design and manufacture to meet individual customer’s special requirements.

Customer expectations and requirements are met through the combined success of Sunny’s teamwork philosophy, responsible manufacturing methods and sound quality assurance in design & manufacturing.

Sunny Castors is based in Tainan City, Taiwan. The 4,000 square meter facility houses administrative offices, plastic injection facility, mold workshop, and automated final assembly.

The Company

The Sunny Castors main office is situated in Anting Dist., not far from Downtown Tainan. The company was founded here in 1978, and its main business activity then was the sales & production of castors. After accumulation of 18 years of twin wheel caster experience, Sunny Castors has grown to become the market leader in this sector and acquired a wealth of experience in dealing with the problems of movable equipment. In 1998 it started to produce Single wheel castors for medical & institutional applications. This makes the company the logical choice for regulatory and advisory bodies seeking an expert opinion, both at the national and international level. Sunny launches into the R&D of medical castors for hospital bed and related medical equipment applications.

With more than 100 employees, Sunny Castors products are developed and manufactured in computer-controlled manufacturing plants to provide consistent and high level quality products for every market sector.

Relationship to its Business Partners

Sunny strives to be an international organization, and intend to maintain constructive relationships with our business partners throughout the world. Sunny expects that our customers and vendors are striving to achieve long term working relationships based on a mutual benefit. Sunny regards consistency of quality, services, competitiveness, as well as vendor loyalty as the basis of a working business relationship.

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